Don't miss THIS WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 24th at 7pm at The Stone! PRESENCE 2015 from Covenant Church of Pittsburgh will be LIVE on our big screens!



Welcome to The Stone!

What do you think o
f when you think of church? So many people have had so many different
experiences when considering attending church. There is a valid apprehension in many people
when asked to attend a new church. We want to help take that away from your mind as you
consider attending The Stone. It is our desire to make your experience when
visiting with us a refreshing one.

Why not this week ... “TRY CHURCH AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME!”

The Stone Church is a fellowship of people just like you who take joy
in reaching out to our world with the hope, knowledge, wisdom and love of Christ through
multi-faceted ministry. We are Christ-Followers who endeavor to keep our hearts, eyes and
ears open to the world around us. As we worship a living Savior, we invite you to connect with us through this website as well join us at our regular weekly services: 

Sundays at 10:00am ~ The Worship Experience Begins!
Sundays ~ Lively Stones Children’s Church begins at 10:30am  
Wednesdays ~ Bishop's MASTER CLASS Bible Study and Lively Stones kids at 7pm



                                                                                     240 Newton Road, Ste 111-114, Raleigh, NC  27615

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