Welcome to The Stone!

What do you think o
f when you think of church? So many people have had so many different
experiences when considering attending church. There is a valid apprehension in many people
when asked to attend a new church. We want to help take that away from your mind as you
consider attending The Stone. It is our desire to make your experience when
visiting with us a refreshing one.

Why not this week ... “TRY CHURCH AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME!”

The Stone Church is a fellowship of people just like you who take joy
in reaching out to our world with the hope, knowledge, wisdom and love of Christ through
multi-faceted ministry. We are Christ-Followers who endeavor to keep our hearts, eyes and
ears open to the world around us. As we worship a living Savior, we invite you to connect with us through this website as well join us at our regular weekly services: 

Sundays at 10:00am ~ The Worship Experience Begins!
Sundays ~ Lively Stones Children’s Church begins at 10:30am  
Wednesday ~ Noon Prayer 12:00 - 1:00pm
Wednesday ~ Bishop's MASTER CLASS Bible Study and Lively Stones kids at 7pm






                                                                                     240 Newton Road, Ste 111-114, Raleigh, NC  27615

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